Make your next function a night to remember with our huge range of Lighting.

Chauvet  CIRCUS 2 $40

Circus™ 2.0 IRC is an ever-changing effect light with flowing, razor-sharp beams and a ring of punchy white LEDs optimised for strobe effects. Five separate, synchronised pods create bold effects both in the air and onto any surface. Red, green, blue, white and amber LEDs provide a multitude of colours to achieve any look. For easy access to the automated program.

Chauvet J-Six $40

A dual-head, LED moonflower effect with a wide coverage range and 112 colored LEDs. The Chauvet J-Six provides a dual LED moonflower effect with wide enough coverage to fill the whole room. The DJ light fixture is powered by 112 red, green, and blue LEDs and offers built-in and sound-activated programsGreat for any sort of occasions.  $30 To hire with any Jukebox hire.


Fitted with 3W LEDs to punch through nearly any ambient lighting, Mini Kinta™ fills the room with sharp beams and features more output and broader coverage than derby effects twice its size.

Tripleflex Light Stage Show LED RGB $40

High energy Triple Flex Centre LED lighting effect with three scanning heads, hence each corner of an area will be illuminated. With stepper motors for smooth and quick movements and 24 longlife LEDs each scanning head (RGB). Includes built-in programs, 3 operational modes, sound activated, DMX and automatic.


Now here’s something a little bit different. This light breaks from traditional LED effects lights and focuses 120 5mm red green and blue LED’s onto 8 mirrors around the centre of the light to create a spectacular pulsating light effect on the dance floor. The mirrors scan back and forwards whilst the lights flash and change colour creating a unique effect. Combined with one of our smoke machines, this is definitely an effect that’s different and will make your lighting show stand out from the rest. It’s still a compact and relatively lightweight unit and with the LED technology

1500W Powerful Fog/smoke machine $40

Dual Remote: Wireless or Wired.  This tough and powerful state-of-the-art fog machine will add the extra dimension to any home party – with laser light shows, mirror balls and other party lighting coming out in full effect. The unit produces clouds of white fog on demand with dual control method: wireless by remote control included or by 3m wired remote control.  $40 with any jukebox hire

Bubble Machine $40

Liven up any party with this bubble machine, Enhance the atmosphere at your next party or special event with this affordable bubble machine.  Features: Wireless Remote Controlled,  Tank capacity: 0.6L , Approx bubble output: 50m3.  $40 to hire with any jukebox,  Perfect for Clubs, Hotels, Parties and Mobile DJs

On-Stage Lighting Stand $30

If you plan on making a big impact with multiple lights at your function and have nothing to attach them to the you need a stand like this.

$30 to hire with any lighting hire.